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Best Wave Makers for Aquariums: Our Top Picks 2024

Aquarium wavemakers can be really useful for producing some circulation and to reproduce a natural marine environment. Right now, we’re going to help you find the five best wave makers that the market has to offer.

Best Wavemakers for Aquariums

Top 5 Best Wavemakers for Aquariums: Reviews

Let’s take a look at the top 5 wavemakers available on the market right now. 

1. Hydor Koralia Evolution Circulation & Wave Pump: Our Top Pick

Hydor Koralia Evolution Circulation & Wave Pump , 750-850 GPH, 115 Volts, Black
  • New and improved vibration absorbing magnet and suction cup support. Can safely hold the Koralia...
  • New shaft-less impeller technology with flow rate of 850 gph, ideal for tanks from 50 to 100...

The Hydor features a very simple magnetic mounting system that can easily hold it in place with acrylic or aquarium glass up to 1/2 inches thick. Simply place the magnetic mount on one side, and the wavemaker on the interior of the aquarium. Its simple and compact design also doesn’t take up a whole lot of space.

Keep in mind that there are several options to choose from here, including one that can produce a minimum of 550 gallons of water flow per hour, with one that can produce up to 1500 gallons per hour. For example, this model, which features an 850 gallon per hour flow rate is ideal for aquariums up to 100 gallons in size.

What you might also appreciate is that it consumes only 5 watts of energy, which is 50% less power than the leading competitors, and it produces up to 20% more water flow when compared to units that use equal amounts of power.

What’s also convenient is that you can use the sphere joint to easily adjust the flow direction of the unit. This allows you to direct the water flow to any corner of the aquarium. The unit itself is made out of fairly durable materials as well, and should definitely be able to resist a few heavy impacts.


  •  Easy setup
  • Durable build
  • Good price
  • Adjustable flow
  • Many sizes available


  • Makes a bit of noise

If you need an affordable wavemaker that is ideal for aquariums of all sizes, this is one of the best units to consider.

2. AQQA Aquarium Wave Maker

AQQA Aquarium Wave Maker Circulation Pump,360°Adjustable Ultra-silence Magnetic...
  • 🐟Why need a wavemake pump?To avoid the fish tank's lifelessness,create waves to increase the...
  • 🐟Encrypted thickened filter cover and makes strong waves:Durable, reinforced ABS case, with a...

If you’re looking for a super small and compact unit that will fit in small aquariums, then this is a fantastic one to consider. 

This particular model is designed to be extremely compact, so it doesn’t take up much space, yet still produces up to 530 gallons of water flow per hour. This should be more than enough for aquariums up to around 100 gallons in size.

This model is made with ABS plastic and features a ceramic shaft, so it should be more than durable enough to last for quite some time. 

On that note, it’s also very easy to mount, as it comes with a simple magnetic mounting system. This magnet allows you to place the unit anywhere you see fit, and it should hold on to even the thickest of aquarium glass.

This unit also allows you to easily adjust the direction of the water flow, and it is so versatile that there are no dead angles whatsoever. This allows you to effectively control the direction of the waves or water flow to any corner of your aquarium. All in all, this might just be one of the best units out there considering the low price of it.


  • Easy magnetic mount
  • Tough design
  • Ideal for small tanks
  • Affordable
  • Fresh and saltwater use


  • Not ideal for larger tanks

If you have a small aquarium and you need a bit of extra waves and water flow, then this is a fantastic wavemaker to keep in mind.

3. FREESEA Aquarium Wave Maker

FREESEA Aquarium Circulation Pump Wave Maker Power Head with magnetic mount...
  • [ Aquarium Water Supply Circulation ]: This wave pump simulates gentle water flow and helps the...
  • [ Powerful & Quiet ]: 8W, 1600GPH diving power head, higher flow rate, and lower energy consumption....

Heree have a really neat wave maker to consider, one that features a double head design. Both of the individual heads are capable of producing up to 800 gallons of water flow per hour, or a total of 1600 gallons per hour combined. 

What’s really cool is that both of the individual heads can be adjusted individually, so you can effectively create two separate circulation patterns within your aquarium.

In terms of the mounting, what you get here is a stable magnetic base. It is designed to be attached through aquarium glass or acrylic up to 1/2 inches thick, which should be more than good enough for most cases. This base is also designed to minimize vibrations, which not only helps keep your fish more comfortable, but also helps cut down on noise.

This particular aquarium wavemaker also comes with a great 12 month warranty, although do keep in mind that it might not be the number one most durable wave maker in the world. 

It is made out of relatively durable materials, although aren’t quite as thick as with some of the other wavemakers we’ve looked at today. Therefore, caution is recommended if you have fish that are prone to bumping into things.


  • Dual heads
  • Fully adjustable
  • Very powerful
  • Several size options
  • Great price


  • Somewhat limited durability

If you’re looking to create a whole lot of waves in different directions, then this is the model to go with.

4. Hygger Wave Maker

hygger Wave Maker for 20~100 Gallon Aquarium with Magnetic Mount Quiet Powerhead...
  • 360° Flexible Head-Build in a 360 degree rotatable ball joint design, the wave maker can be easily...
  • Circulation,Oxygeantion & Filtration-①Agitate water: Place the wave pump near the water surface to...

Here we have a small wave maker that comes to us from a highly trusted brand name. This unit is designed for aquariums anywhere between 20 and 100 gallons in size, as if we put out up to 1056 gallons of water flow per hour. This should therefore be enough for most home tanks, and keep in mind that it is also adjustable.

The Hygger Features a relatively compact size, coming in at 2.6 by 2.16 by 5.7 inches, which is therefore ideal for relatively small tanks where real estate is limited. 

It is impressive that this is by far one of the most durable wave makers on the list today, as the materials it is made out of are nearly unrivaled in terms of quality, at least as far as this type of product is considered.

What you might also like is that the simple magnetic mounting mechanism allows you to set this wave maker up anywhere in the tank you see fit. It can easily attach to either the top or bottom of any of the four walls. Even better is that it also features a 360 degree rotatable ball joint, so you can direct the water flow in any direction you see fit.

Going back to the magnetic base, this is also designed to minimize vibrations, so it shouldn’t make too much noise, at least not due to vibrations. With that being said, the motor itself does produce a little bit of noise.


  • Easy to set up
  • Bargain price
  • Durable design
  •  Minimal vibrations
  • Ideal for small to medium tanks


  • Motor makes some noise

If you just need something reliable from a trustworthy brand, then this is the wavemaker we recommend.

5. Uniclife Aquarium Wave Maker

Uniclife Aquarium Wave Maker for 60-120 Gallon Fish Tanks 2100 GPH Adjustable...
  • For 60-120 Gal Tanks: ONLY SUIT 60-120 GALLON FISH TANKS (Not Fit For Tanks Less Than 60 Gallons)....
  • All-round Circulation: Its strong magnetic base makes it easy to freely position the pump. And the...

Here we have what is effectively the most powerful wavemaker on the list today, as it can be adjusted to produce up to 2100 gallons of water flow per hour, which is ideal for fish tanks up to 120 gallons in size. 

This is a big and powerful unit, and it’s made for bigger aquariums.There is also a larger model in mind. Keep in mind that there is also a larger model available suitable for tanks up to 300 gallons.

What’s really nice is that this is the only model on the list today that comes with a remote control that allows you to choose from a variety of different settings. There are various power levels to choose from, where various types of waves, lights, and much more. This is by far the most adjustable unit on the list today, plus it can even be used for both salt and freshwater aquariums.

The adjustable head allows you to direct the water flow in any direction you see fit. We also like the simple magnetic mounting mechanism, because it allows you to easily attach it anywhere in your aquarium. 

The magnet should be more than powerful enough to handle any aquarium glass thickness. Surprisingly, this unit doesn’t cost more than it does, although it’s still the most expensive one on the list.


  • Superior durability
  • Very powerful
  • Several size options
  • Relatively compact
  • Tough build
  • Highly adjustable


  • Somewhat expensive

If you’re looking for a big, high quality, and fully adjustable wave maker, and you don’t mind spending a bit of money, then this is by far the best one to consider.

Aquarium Wavemaker Buyers Guide: What to Look Out For

Let’s just take a quick look at the most important things you need to keep in mind when choosing an aquarium wavemaker.


You always need to make sure that the wave maker in question is made out of durable materials. You don’t want something that is going to break after a few uses.


Make sure to get a unit that is rated highly in terms of safety. You don’t want a wavemaker electrocuting your fish.

Flow Rate

Different wave makers produce different amounts of water flow per hour, with some producing as little as 500 and some well over 2000 gallons of water flow per hour. Which one you choose depends on how much water your aquarium needs.

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It’s also wise to get a wave maker that is adjustable, because sometimes you might have to turn the circulation up, and sometimes turn it down.