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Best Nitrate Remover for Aquariums: Our Top Picks 2023

Nitrates are certainly not welcome in any aquarium, and with the five products that I’m about to review below, you can remove them from your aquarium with minimal effort. 

Best Nitrate Removers for Aquariums

Top 5 Best Nitrate Removers for Aquariums: Reviews

Let’s now take a quick look at the top five best nitrate removers for aquariums that the market has to offer at this time.

1. Seachem Denitrate: Our Top Pick

Seachem Denitrate 500ml
  • Removes nitrates, nitrites, ammonia, and organics
  • High porosity biological media

What we have here is some very simple biological filtration media. Here, you get very porous biological filtration media that you can put inside of your aquarium filter. Of course, you have to possess an aquarium filter that allows you to put your own type of media inside, although many filtration units allow for this, such as canister filters for instance.

Thanks to the very porous nature of this biological filtration media, it allows for anaerobic bacteria to thrive and survive.

It’s all about allowing those bacterial colonies to grow as large as possible, therefore allowing them to remove the nitrates, nitrites, and ammonia from the water, as well as other organic compounds. 

You also don’t have to worry about the production of hydrogen sulfide, because this is not a sulfur based biological filtration media.

I also like how this product comes in at a very reasonable price, and it comes with 500 milliliters per bottle, which should last for quite some time. Keep in mind however that the flow rate of your filter should not exceed 50 gallons per hour for this media.


  • Easy to use
  • Cost effective
  • Removes ammonia, nitrates, and more
  • Ideal for many types of filters


  • Will not work for cartridge filters

As long as you don’t have a filter that requires cartridges, then this is my number one recommendation.

2. Algone Aquarium Water Clarifier and Nitrate Remover

Algone Aquarium Water Clarifier and Nitrate Remover, 6 filter pouches
  • Creates crystal-clear water
  • Safe for aquatic plants

Here we have another fantastic nitrate remover, which is essentially biological filtration media. Here, you get 6 filter pouches, each of which come loaded with biological filtration media. These are special pouches that are designed to house bacteria that can then remove ammonia, nitrates, and nitrites from the water.

The material inside of the pouches is designed in such a way to have the perfect porosity to allow as many bacteria as possible to grow. This product is ideal for assimilating both organic and inorganic pollutants and toxins, for energizing microbial activity, for breaking down carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, and for correcting nutrient imbalances.

Furthermore, this product is safe for algae eaters, plants, fish, coral, snails, polyps, and bird words, live rock, and more. Each pack comes with six filter pouches, and you must purchase at least two packs. On the side note, each of these pouches can treat up to 330 gallons of water, and they can even help clear up cloudy water as well.


  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Treats large volumes of water
  • Removes nitrates and so much more
  • Should fit in most filters


  • Will not work with cartridge filters

If you’re looking for something that can treat a large volume of water in a minimal amount of time, this is it.

3. Fluval BioMax Biological Material Remover

Fluval BioMax Biological Material Remover, 500 g - Biological Filter Media for...
  • Filter Compatibility: Compatible with Fluval Filter Series 106, 206, 306, 406, FX5, FX6, 105, 205,...
  • Water Clarification: BioMax is a premium-grade biological filter media that provides superior...

If you happen to have Fluval 106, 206, 306, 406, FX5, FX6, 105, 205, 305, 405, 104, 204, 304, or 404 (as well as similar units), then this is some fantastic biological filtration media to consider. This product comes with a so-called complex pore system that allows a maximum amount of brand official bacteria to grow and thrive.

These are special biological filtration rings that have way more capacity than the vast majority of other types of biological filtration media out there. They also allow for a great deal of water movement throughout the media, which therefore allows for optimal water contact with the media, ultimately resulting in maximum possible biological filtration.

What is interesting to note is that this biological filtration media can be used for both freshwater and saltwater tanks. What you may also appreciate is that this product will not at all affect water chemistry or pH levels. This high quality filtration media should be able to remove ammonia, nitrates, nitrites, and so much more from your fish tank.


  • Optimal bacterial growth
  • Maximum water contact
  • User friendly
  • Very efficient
  • Cost effective


  • Only compatible with certain filter models

If you have one of the Fluval filters I listed above, or very similar models, then this is the number one nitrate removing filtration media I’d recommend.


API NITRA-ZORB SIZE 6 Aquarium Canister Filter Filtration Pouch 1-Count Bag,...
  • Contains one (1) API NITRA-ZORB SIZE 6 Aquarium Canister Filter Filtration Pouch 1-Count Bag
  • Removes toxins that can be harmful to fish

Here we have a special type of biological filtration media that is designed to be used inside of canister filters. What you get here are pouches of filtration media that measure 6.5 by 7.5 inches, and are 0.5 inches thick. You do need to first wash this item under the tap before putting it in the aquarium, or else it may cause discoloration. On that note, it is however phosphate free, which is a big bonus.

However, once you have washed it, simply place it inside of your canister filter, and it is ready to go. Although it’s not the cheapest biological filtration media around, it should last for quite some time, at least for a few months. This is a very effective type of biological filtration media that is easily able to remove ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate from aquarium water, as well as other organic compounds.

One thing to keep in mind here however is that this product is designed to be used specifically in freshwater tanks and should not be used in saltwater tanks. It can also be recharged for extended use.


  • Long lasting
  • Cost effective
  • Great efficacy
  • Ideal for canister filters


  • Requires a canister filter

If you are looking for high-quality nitrate removing biological filtration media for your cancer filter, then this is it.

5. Tetra Nitrateminus Liquid

Here we have a simple nitrate removing liquid that you simply pour right into the aquarium and it will reduce or remove nitrate. It’s really as simple as that. All you have to do is follow the instructions as listed on the product in terms of dosage and frequency, and you should be good to go.

There’s really nothing else to know about it. All you have to do is add a certain amount based on the size of your aquarium and nitrate levels, and there’s really nothing else to it.

That said, this is a one-time treatment option, which serves to reduce nitrate in the tank every time you pour the liquid in. This is unlike biological filtration media, such as the products discussed above, which could provide you with constant nitrate removal. This is a quick solution, but will not take care of the underlying issues.


  • Works very quickly
  • Effective
  • Safe for fish


  • One-time as opposed to ongoing treatment

If you have very high nitrate levels in your aquarium and you need them lowered immediately, then this is the number one product I would recommend.

Nitrate Removers for Aquariums Buyers Guide: What to Look Out For

Let’s quickly talk about some of the most important factors you need to pay attention to when choosing a nitrate remover for your aquarium.

Type – Ongoing vs Immediate

As you can probably tell from the reviews, there are two main options to go with here. First, you can choose basic biological filtration media which are designed to house colonies of beneficial bacteria. These bacteria over time remove and control ammonia, nitrate, and nitrate levels in the tank. This is an ongoing solution, and it’s something that every tank should have.

It’s called biological filtration. However, if you have extremely high nitrate levels that need to be removed immediately, then a solution such as product #5 is recommended, as this is a liquid that can immediately lower nitrate levels. However, this is of course a one time solution, not an ongoing treatment method, and is therefore only effective for one-time treatments as opposed to ongoing maintenance.

Fish and Plant Safety

Always make sure that the product in question is 100% safe for fish and plants. This is especially the case if you are using an immediate nitrate removal product that you pour right into the aquarium. In this case, dosage is very important to pay attention to, because too much of these products may be harmful to fish or plants.

Algae in a dirty home aquarium with shrimps and CO2

Replacement and Usage Frequency

If you are purchasing regular biological filtration media, pay attention to how long it is rated to last for. Some biological filtration media needs to be replaced every month, whereas others can last much longer. If we are talking about a nitrate removing liquid that you pour right into the tank, pay attention to the dosing instructions and how often it says to use the product.