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Best Nano Aquariums on the Market: Our Top Picks 2024

Nano aquariums are very small fish tanks that you can keep at home even if you don’t have much space to spare. However, you still have to choose the right one in the first place, which is what I am about to help you with. 

Best Nano Aquariums

Top 5 Best Nano Aquariums: Reviews

Here are the top five best nano aquariums that are available at this time.

1. Marineland Aquarium Kit – Contour 3G: Our Top Pick!

MarineLand Contour Glass Aquarium Kit with Rail Light
  • SLEEK DESIGN: Rounded corners and clear glass canopy allow viewing from multiple angles.
  • DAYLIGHT/MOONLIGHT SETTINGS: Bright white LEDs create a shimmering sunlight effect; blue LEDs...

This is a very small nano tank that comes with everything you need to get a small nano aquarium started. First, this is a glass aquarium, although it is quite lightweight. Glass like this always looks fairly nice.

This particular tank is just three gallons in size, and it comes in at 9.5 by 10 by 10 inches, therefore making it very compact and ideal for small spaces.

Furthermore, it comes with bright white LED’s that are able to mimic sunlight, as well as blue LEDs that can produce a moonlight glow. These lights are mounted right above the tank itself on a sliding glass canopy, and it features a hinge for easy access to the inside of the tank.

This unit then also features a hidden filtration compartment in the rear that engages in all three major types of aquarium filtration, including mechanical, biological, and chemical filtration. It might not be a large tank, but it comes with everything you need for a full setup.


  • All in one
  • Includes a filter
  • Comes with a light
  • Ideal for small spaces
  • Durable tank


  • Not the most efficient filter

If you just want a small and affordable nano aquarium that comes with everything you need to get started, this is probably your best bet.

2. Aquatop Pisces Curved Bowfront Aquarium

Aquatop Pisces Curved Bowfront Aquarium, 3 Gallons, 53GPH – Nano Semi-Circle...
  • BOWFRONT FISH AQUARIUM: This Aquatop Pisces 3-Gallon Fish Tank has a sleek, modern design that...
  • INNOVATIVE TANK SYSTEM: Each aquarium tank includes an innovative and unique multi-stage internal...

Here we have another very small aquarium that comes in at just three gallons in size, and measures 8.3 by 10 by 10.2 inches. It definitely qualifies as a nano aquarium, and it can most certainly fit in even the smallest of spaces. It is also available in a 5-gallon option if you desire.

Something you might appreciate is the super sleek and modern design that has a semi-circle or bow front shape, that allows your panoramic viewing. This also has the advantage of making the inside of the fish tank look much bigger.

This nano aquarium comes complete with superior filtration capabilities, as it includes mechanical, biological, and chemical filtration. It’s not the best filter in the world, but it should be good enough for this small tank.

You also get a tank lid complete with mounting clips for easy access to the interior, as well as a super bright LED light that functions as both a daylight and moonlight provider. Also worth noting is that this unit can be used for both freshwater and saltwater purposes.


  • Everything you need is included
  • Filter and lights included
  • Good size for most purposes
  • Panoramic viewing
  • Affordable price


  • Quality of the light could be better

If you want a nano aquarium that looks twice the size than it actually is, then this is a fantastic option to keep in mind.

3. LAQUAL Rimless Glass Aquarium Starter Kit

LAQUAL Rimless Glass Aquarium Starter Kit (3 Gal), Ultra Clear Low Iron Glass...
  • 【Ultra-clear Fish Tank, The Most Realistic Scene】LAQUAL rimless fish tank is made of low iron...
  • 【3 Mode Light, Beautiful & Waterproof】 The aquarium lights offer 3 modes for an ideal lighting...

This is yet another 3-gallon nano aquarium that comes in at 16.5 by 12.5 by 7.4 inches. This tank is not very deep, although it is longer and taller than the others. This makes it ideal for spaces that aren’t very deep, such as bookshelves.

This tank is made out of low iron glass, and it is very clear along with a high light transmittance. It also has a lower refractive index than regular glass, so it really lets a lot of light through. It’s 5 millimeters thick as well, so it’s also more than durable enough to withstand some bumps.

This unit comes with a very small and basic hang on back aquarium filter that should engage in all three major types of aquarium filtration. It’s not the most efficient unit around, but it should work for a small tank like this, plus it also comes with a surface skimmer.

Even better is that it also comes with a light included that has three different modes. Keep in mind that this light is also designed to be totally waterproof. This also happens to be one of the more affordable nano aquarium starter kits out there.


  • Comes with a light and filter
  • Ideal shape for shallow spaces
  • Good size for beginners
  • Great price
  • Looks fantastic


  • May not be deep enough for some people

If you want a beautiful and rectangular nano aquarium, something that might be ideal for a fish like a betta, then this is one of your best options.

4. PENN-PLAX Water-World Prism Nano Aquarium Kit

PENN-PLAX Water-World Prism Nano Aquarium Kit – Includes Integrated Filter, 2...
  • CONVENIENT FOR SMALL SPACES: The Prism Nano Aquarium Kit is perfect for small or unused spaces: a...
  • INTEGRATED FILTER – 40 GPH: Each Prism Nano Aquarium Kit features an integrated filter system...

Here we have an even smaller nano aquarium than the others we’ve looked at so far, with this one coming in at 2 gallons, or 7 by 9 by 10 inches. It’s the perfect option to go with for a very small space.

Surprisingly enough, this unit comes complete with a filter that can put out over 40 gallons per hour. This is a shockingly powerful and efficient filter for such a small aquarium, and should most certainly be able to keep the tank clean. The filter is also housed within a black plastic enclosure at the back to make it more visually appealing.

You also get an 18 bulb LED light that is adjustable, just to provide your tank with a bit of light. Keep in mind that the tank itself is made out of plastic, which may not look quite as nice as glass, but is certainly much more durable. The tank also comes with a plastic cover with a small feeding hole cut out of it.


  • Very space friendly
  • Super affordable
  • Light and filter included
  • Very powerful filter
  • Durable plastic tank


  • Plastic doesn’t look quite as nice as glass

If you’re looking for a super durable nano aquarium made out of plastic, then this is a fantastic unit to invest in.

5. iPriro Glass Betta Aquarium Starter Kit

iPriro Glass Betta Aquarium Starter Kits Fish Tank with LED Light and Temp...
  • 🐳Aquarium Starter Kit with Water Changer & Cleaner Tool All in one: iPriro aquarium tank bring...
  • 🐳Sleek Design with 8 Colors LED Lighting: 1.5 gallon fish tank, rounded corners and 1/8 inch...

As you can tell by the name of it, this starter kit is designed specifically for betta fish, although I recommend against it. Betta fish deserve much bigger tanks. However, this tank could be great for some plants and a few snails or shrimp.

The tank itself is made out of glass, and we do like the look of this. This is also the smallest nano aquarium on the list, coming in at just 1.5 gallons. The overall size is 8.7 by 5.7 by 9.4 inches.

This nano tank comes complete with an 8 color LED light that perfectly illuminates your fish and plants. This is integrated in a seamless hood that is attached to the top of the aquarium using a simple hinge. This allows for easy access into the aquarium.

The tank also features a three-in-one submersible pump filter that filters water, it provides water circulation and aerates the water as well. It’s certainly not the most efficient filter around, but it should be good enough for this small tank.

It features quick-change filter cartridges, which is quite convenient. Something else that stands out here is that you also get an integrated temperature probe with a digital temperature display, so you always know just how warm the tank water is.


  • Great size
  • Beautiful design
  • Filter and lights included
  • Digital thermometer
  • Hinged lid


  • May actually be too small for some people
  • Betta fish deserve a bigger tank!

Super small 1.5 gallon aquarium is what you want, then this is by far the best choice for you.

Nano Aquariums Buyers Guide: What To Look Out For

Let me quickly provide you with some information about the most important points to keep in mind when choosing a nano aquarium.

Size and Shape

Most people would usually consider a nano aquarium to be 5 gallons or smaller, although this is somewhat subjective in nature. That said, to qualify as a nano aquarium, it has to be fairly small. Remember, the whole point is that these aquariums should be able to fit into small spaces.

Boy is watching fish tank in his room, best pets for kids

You also have the shape to consider, with there being rectangular, square, semicircular, and other shapes as well. This is really more a matter of personal preference than anything else, yet still worth considering.

The Material

You then want to consider whether you want an aquarium made out of glass or plastic. Glass aquariums usually look a bit better, and they’re also harder to scratch, so they end up looking better for longer.

On the other hand, plastic or acrylic aquariums tend to have more impact resistance and are more durable overall, but they are easier to scratch and also don’t look quite as nice.

Included Accessories

A good nano aquarium should come with everything you need to get started. At the very least, your aquarium should include a filter and a light.