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10 Great and Easy Aquarium Plants for Gouramis

Gouramis don’t have specific requirements when it comes to the plants you put in their tank but there are some really good and easy aquarium plants for gouramis.

Some of the best easy aquarium plants for gouramis include amazon frogbit, water lettuce, hornwort, crypts, vallisneria, and many more!

I have picked out ten of the most suitable plants for Gouramis and dwarf gouramis. So keep reading to see which plants will create the best aquarium home for gouramis!

What Kind of Plants Are Suitable For Gouramis?

Gouramis are top dwelling fish that like to stay near the surface of your tank. Because of this, I would suggest getting floating plants and other tall plants for your pet dwarf gourami tank. Bushy tall plants, in particular, are ideal. These types of plants give the gouramis a sense of security.

Making your pet feel secure is essential to their health and wellbeing. Gouramis can be shy at times because they are somewhat small fish, and it’s our job to make them feel at ease, both males and females. They also enjoy having some privacy in their tank. Live tank plants can really help your pet in this aspect. Taller plants with a lot of coverage will give your fish the space it needs to rest and relax.

In addition, when gouramis breed, they need a place to put their eggs. Gouramis make bubble nests, but they will only breed if they feel safe and secure in their tank. Floating plants and other tall plants offer the most protection and coverage for your pets. This is why I highly suggest getting these types of plants for your tank!

On a side note, some bushy moss plants can be added to your aquarium. The addition of these plants, in combination with taller plants, gives your fish the best possible tank setup. Gouramis like to hide in the foliage of tall plants and floating plants, but they will also hide under moss at the bottom of your tank if you have them planted.

List of Best Plants For Gouramis:

I talked about the types of plants you want to put in your planted gouramis tank. In this part of the post, though, I will go over specific plants that fit within the requirements I went over. These are some of the best plants you can put in your gouramis tank!

1. Amazon Frogbit

The first plant I will talk about is the amazon frogbit, and it’s great for the gourami fish. It’s a pretty good one for helping to recreate its natural habitat. Amazon frogbit was first found in Central America and spread to many other regions of the world since its discovery. This species is a floating plant that sits at the surface of your water.

It has nice round leaves that stay above the water and large fuzzy roots that grow underneath it. These roots can even get up to twenty inches long. So, they are perfect for your gouramis to hide under and swim in. And, it offers some nice secure coverage for your pet!

Amazon frogbit is a popular plant, but there are some care requirements that you want to be aware of with this breed, as well.  First off, you want to have a large enough tank for this plant. Gouramis are not large fish, but if you have a lot of amazon frogbit, you need at least ten gallons of water.

A much larger tank size can be beneficial to your fish (or sharks! check out this article, you will be impressed) too since it will give them more room to swim. It will also lower the concentration of waste present in the water. Other than this, the temperature should be considered.

Amazon frogbit has a pretty wide range in terms of climate, though. So they will do well in the temperature requirements needed for gouramis. But, make sure that you have powerful lights for your tank. Gouramis need at least 10-12 hours of light each day.

Other than this, make sure to give plenty of fertilizer to this plant and make sure water does not touch the leaves of the frogbit. This can cause your plant to wilt and die. Overall, though, this is a solid plant for gouramis. This happens to be a great plant for betta fish too!

2. Water Lettuce

Water lettuce is another good choice for your gouramis. The water lettuce is also a floating type plant that sits at the top of your tank. The leaves of this plant are thicker than the frogbit, though. And they look very pretty in aquariums, almost like flowers!

Like the amazon frogbit, this plant also has long roots that can act as coverage for your fish. Their roots grow up to ten inches and create a nice maze-like environment for your pet. So, I recommend getting a suitable tank size for your water lettuce. This way it grows healthy and strong.

The lettuce can be a little tricky to care for if you are new to planted tanks. But if you have knowledge of tank plant care, you shouldn’t have too much difficulty with this plant. Just know it will take some hard work to grow these.

Water lettuce needs specific conditions to grow in a tank. They require light, but you need to be careful as you introduce them to your lighting system. A lot of water lettuce plants are grown in shaded areas. So they can’t take a full blast of high powered light right off the bat. So, slowly amp up the light for the best results.

Also, water lettuce needs to be grown in a humid environment. Thus, a tank covering is a must for these plants. Lastly, these plants, when in the perfect water conditions, will grow fast. You have to be prepared to trim your lettuce and keep up with tank maintenance weekly, as a result.

Still, these plants look aesthetically pleasing and are great plants for your gouramis pet! The fact that it doesn’t require substrate is a pretty big deal too!

3. Hornwort

You’ve probably heard of hornwort. This popular plant is fast-growing and easy to maintain in any aquarium space. And, it grows at just the right height for gouramis fish! Hornwort can go in smaller tanks if you keep this plant trimmed. But, I would suggest getting a larger aquarium for your fish and the hornwort.

Hornwort has a nice bushy look to it and offers just the right amount of coverage for your fish. Best of all, this species can be planted in multiple ways. If you want to ground your hornwort, it can be buried in the substrate. However, if you want to have it as a floating plant and skip the hassle of rooting it down, you also have this option.

Overall, this is a hardy and very easy to care for plant. Beginners can take care of the hornwort quite easily, which is also why it’s on my list of great beginner friendly aquatic plants. The temperature range is pretty big and goes from 58 degrees Fahrenheit all the way up to 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

Light requirements are moderate and you can add fertilizer to this plant if you want to. Just make sure to trim the hornwort often so it does not overtake your tank space. 

4. Cryptocoryne Wendtii

The next plant for gouramis I will discuss is the cryptocoryne wendtii, also known as the crypt. This type of plant has highly textured leaves that create a nice lush hideout for gouramis. Crypts are also well known in the aquarium keeping community. And, they are not too hard to care for at all!

You can find the cryptocoryne wendtii in different sizes and even colors for a low price. So, they are great for all types of tank looks and styles. In regards to the care of this plant, as I mentioned, you won’t have much difficulty growing the crypt.

Crypts are some of the hardiest plants you can get for an aquarium! They don’t require a ton of light to survive. And they don’t have specific preferences for Ph levels. They can survive in both hard and soft water. Really, it’s hard to kill this plant and you can match your tank exactly to your gouramis’ water requirements!

another Cryptocoryne variety

Some plant melt will occur when you first plant this species. But don’t panic, this is perfectly natural. The crypt is just getting used to its new underwater environment and will grow back!

Overall, this is a pretty small plant, but its thickness and low maintenance make it great for a gouramis tank!

5. Java Fern

Java fern is a pretty typical plant to have in an aquarium. But there is nothing wrong with going for this classic species! Java fern needs a larger tank to thrive, but their big tough leaves are a great getaway for gouramis fish!

This plant grows up to 13 inches tall, but there are other varieties of this plant that are smaller and have thinner less obtrusive foliage. So, you can put this plant in a smaller tank if you want to. Just look into a few of the different species of java fern to find the right plant for your tank setup!

In terms of care, java fern is pretty simple to care for. I recommend using mild amounts of light. You don’t want overpowering illumination as this can wilt your plant. In addition, keep the temperature around 74 to 79 degrees. This climate range is good for your fish and your plant!

It is also best to use driftwood or rocks to root the fern. A substrate can be used, but you don’t want to bury the rhizome of this plant or it won’t grow right!

6. Amazon Sword

Amazon swords are easy to find and set up in your gouramis tank. This plant is another popular species among aquarists. And, this is another plant I highly recommend for your pet fish!

This is because of their big leaves that create a nice forest-like atmosphere in your tank!

If you are looking to fill up your tank, this is an especially good plant species to grow. And, it is not hard to upkeep the amazon sword.

Still, this is a pretty big plant. It can grow upwards of 16 inches. So, make sure you have a large enough tank to accommodate the leaves of the amazon sword. The sword can fit in with most climates and won’t have problems with the gouramis water requirements.

Just ensure that you provide this plant with enough light. Mild to medium light exposure is best for the amazon sword. Most importantly, make sure that you create a thick layer of substrate for this plant. Amazon swords grow very sturdy and long roots.

Your tank will need at least 2.5 inches of a substrate to accommodate the root system of your plant, though. And, it’s best to place this plant in a central area of your tank!

7. Water Wisteria

If you are looking to breed more gouramis, water wisteria is a great plant to put in your aquarium. This plant is used by many tank owners for breeding and can also be used by your fish as a nursery. The long stems of this plant are the perfect place for gouramis to make their bubble nests near.

Water wisteria has soft foliage that can grow upwards of twenty inches. This is one of the tallest plants on this list. So, I suggest getting a big tank for your wisteria! Other than this, make sure to give the wisteria moderate levels of light and enough substrate.

Wisteria prefers sand substrate to bury themselves in. But other types of substrates can be used too! Really, this is a pretty hassle-free and simple plant to care for. Beginner aquarists and fish breeders will benefit the most from this species!

8. Vallisneria

Vallisneria is another jungle-like plant that grows tall in your tank. This tropical species of plants look beautiful in aquariums and is highly suitable for gouramis fish. It is native to Africa and other subtropical regions.

And it has luscious foliage that offers full coverage to your pets. So, this is a good species for young gouramis that want to feel more secure in their aquarium.

a better image of what vallisneria looks like

You will want to feed the vallisneria plenty of fertilizer to keep it growing, though.  Also, keep this plant well-lit with plenty of light.

On the whole, vallisneria is not difficult to keep in your tank. But it needs to be firmly rooted in a substrate. It also enjoys the same temperature water as your fish too.

9. Salvinia

Salvinia is the final floating plant on this list. I have talked about a lot of different floating plants in this post, but the salvinia is a little different than those other plants. The length of the salvinia is not as large as the floating plants I have discussed previously, but the salvinia is great for fish breeding.

Salvinia, also known as floating water moss, is commonly used by fish that are breeding. Gouramis will also be able to hide and seek refuge near these plants as they swim near the surface of their tank.

You need to give this plant plenty of light and nutrients. But this is a pretty undemanding floating plant that should give you very little trouble! You will have to trim this plant and watch its growth, though.

Floating plants like the salvinia can block oxygen from reaching the rest of the tank if they grow unchecked on the surface of the water. This plant, and other floating plants, can also block light from your tank if you are not careful. Cutting your plant a little each week should keep the salvinia at a proper size, though!

10. Ludwigia Repens

The last plant I will talk about is the ludwigia repens. Ludwigia repens, also known as the creeping primrose willow is a fast-growing flora that looks amazing in aquariums! This plant also has plenty of height for your gouramis.

In the right conditions, you can get your ludwigia repens to grow up to twenty inches. Though, most plants only grow a foot tall. Really, this all depends on how you light and care for your plant.

Repens typically like medium to high levels of light. In fact, you can use high-powered bulbs with this particular plant species. And, this will help you grow your plant even taller! The water temperature for this plant fits right in with the water requirements for gouramis too.

Repens plants can be fully submerged in your tank. This will create a nice reddish color to the leaves of this plant. But this species can also be half-submerged as well and still grow well. Just make sure you have a nice nutrient-rich substrate for your plant!

All in all, the ludwigia repens is another contender for best gouramis tank plant. You can’t go wrong with this plant or any of the other plant breeds I talked about in this post.

With any luck, you have found the perfect plant for your gouramis tank. And, you should be able to care for your planted tank well with all the information I provided!  

Gourami Care Tips

Besides having the right kinds of plants in your gourami tank, these fish also have some other requirements you’ll want to meet.

  • Make sure that you feed your gouramis great foods, with the occasional brine shrimp as a treat. Regular pellets and flakes are sufficient as well.
  • Gouramis can have a bit of a temperament at times, so choosing the right tank mates is important.
  • Remember that gouramis prefer the water to be fairly clean, something that all longtime fishkeeping enthusiasts know all too well.
  • Ensure that you maintain high water quality along with steady water parameters.
  • Most gouramis do fine in a 10 gallon tank, but larger ones, such as pearls or the pearl gourami, require a 30 gallon tank, or even small ponds!
  • Male gouramis can be a bit territorial, so be sure to give them plenty of space and great hiding spots.

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