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Top 10 Best Aquarium Plants For Betta Fish – With Pictures

Hi there! I’m Bart and I’ve maintained a planted betta tank for my girlfriend. I noticed that picking the right plants for a betta is important, especially because their large fins makes them susceptible to strong current. Here are the top 10 best aquarium plants for betta fish.

The top 10 best aquarium plants for betta fish include java fern, hornwort, java mpss, anacharis, Amazon sword, dwarf hairgrass, water wisteria, and several others.

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about the best plants for betta fish.

Care Tips for Plants in Your Betta Tank

Aquarium plants look great in Betta tanks, but you need to keep a few things in mind if you want to grow them properly. Above all, remember that each plant species has its own care requirements and planting requirements.

In addition, some plants will be easier to maintain than others. Of course, there are a lot of great plants that can be chosen for beginner Betta owners.

Regardless, specific care and attention needs to be put into any plant you get. For instance, some Betta tank plants need higher levels of light or require a specific water climate. Other plants might only grow well if they are planted in a certain way.

For each plant I’ve added a link to Amazon, where you can order the plant online and support my website in the process. Do not worry, it does not cost anything extra for you. I appreciate it a lot if you use those link.

Now let’s quickly dive into all the plants to cover them in more detail!

1. Java Fern

Best Aquarium plants for betta fish - Java Fern

The first plant you should consider getting for your Betta tank is the popular Java Fern. Java Fern is a great plant for new Betta owners. It doesn’t have many care requirements and does well in many freshwater tanks. It acclimates especially well to the climate and conditions of a Betta fish tank. Which means you won’t have to adjust your Betta’s water too much.

In addition, Java Fern has low lighting needs so you won’t need to go out and buy a complicated LED system to grow this plant. Fertilizer is recommended for this plant as well, as it will keep your Java healthy. You want large leaves for your Betta to lounge in.

Ferns generally produce big foliage, but fertilizer will help grow them bigger. This is a slow-growing plant that needs an extra boost to create the ultimate habitat for Betta. Just make sure you are pruning this plant and getting rid of dead material. 

And ensure that you plant the Java correctly. Its roots should not be covered or buried deeply in a substrate. Really, it’s best to let it root on driftwood or rocks. To fix the plant to wood or rocks, you can use fishing line or super glue.

2. Hornwort

Best Aquarium plants for betta fish - Hornwort

Hornwort is also well-liked by Betta fish. It takes a bit more effort to grow this in comparison to Java Fern, but you can still cultivate this plant if you don’t have a lot of experience with tanks. Just be aware, the Hornwort has a rapid growth rate. It multiplies fast and leaves behind a lot of plant material.

As a result, you will have to get rid of left behind foliage often, which does need some work. Still, it’s necessary if you want to keep your planted tank under control. Pruning this plant will leave behind less of a mess though. And you can still add fertilizer, just don’t go overboard. Keeping fertilizer to just the minimal need will allow this plant to survive but not grow as quickly.

Overall, the Hornwort adjusts to Betta conditions well. It’s also another plant that gives great coverage for Betta. It gets pretty tall though so make sure you have ample room for this plant in your Betta tank!

3. Java Moss

Best Aquarium plants for betta fish - Java moss

Java Moss care is super simple to look after as they have many adaptable features. They tend to like less light than other plants. The only problem is that they don’t provide the best coverage for Betta. They do fill up your tank well, but they don’t offer large leaves for fish to hide in. 

Still, these are nice looking plants that create a nice blanket for Betta tanks. Other plants can even be grown in this. And you create a natural-looking grass floor for your aquarium.

What’s really appealing about the Java Moss though is its ability to improve tank water. They are one of the best plants to use if you want to effectively oxygenate a tank. Bettas will get great benefits from this plant and breathe better in their home.

It’s not hard to plant the Moss, and you won’t need substrate like other flora. You can let this plant float freely or attach it to rocks and wood. And make sure to trim the Moss so it does not grow wildly in your tank!

4. Anacharis

Anacharis is a large aquarium plant that is ideal for a number of Betta setups. Anacharis leaves are known to promote breathability in tanks. They are also great if you have algae problems in your water. Anacharis actually inhibit algae growth. Natural substances present in this plant will help with this effect.

Overall, there is great value in the oxygenation and filtering functions found in this fauna. So if you want to keep your Betta in a thriving environment I suggest purchasing this plant.

Growing conditions are not overly complicated. Anacharis like temperate climates but can survive in warmer Betta waters. They will survive in your Betta tank, but extra fertilizer is a must if you want them to flourish. Other than this, your plants won’t have many needs.

Any kind of light is fine with this plant, and besides occasional trimming, there isn’t much to do with this species. It grows naturally full and gives Betta plenty of shaded areas.

Planting an Anacharis is simple as well. You could let this plant hang out in the water column, but it’s better to root it down in a substrate. Especially if you want a bigger Anacharis for Betta. Rocks and driftwood are other options you can consider too.

5. Amazon Sword

Best Aquarium plants for betta fish - Amazon Sword

Betta fish owners love this next plant. The Amazon Sword is a hardy and strong plant choice for Betta tanks. They will readily adapt to your aquarium needs, no matter the condition. Really, as long as you provide the Amazon with strong light, it will grow well.

Of course, you also should provide this plant with fertilizer and a substrate. It needs to be held down firmly in your tank to grow right. I recommend burying the roots deep in the substrate you choose. Your fertilizer should also have plenty of iron and CO2 infused into it. This way your Amazon grows large!

Know that this is a big plant. You don’t want to put this in a Nano betta tank. It needs at least ten gallons to grow as it shoots up anywhere from twelve inches to twenty-four inches. So get yourself a large aquarium. You can put it in a smaller setup, but you will stunt the growth of your plant, and have to trim it more often.

Still, regardless of what you decide to do with this plant, your Betta will gain a great amount of coverage. This is also a great plant if you are looking for a centerpiece for your water!

6. Anubias

Best Aquarium plants for betta fish - Anubias

Anubias is similarly large to the Amazon Sword, except the anubias nana. It typically grows around twelve inches but will require more than five gallons to house it. With a plant of this size, your pet will have ample space to hide and relax. Furthermore, this is a good choice for Betta if you want an easy plant to care for.

Low light can be used on the Anubias, but you can up the light intensity to cultivate a larger specimen. Still, the plant won’t take over your tank space. It grows at an even pace that is not hard to keep up with. Trimming can be performed less frequently with the Anubias.

In addition, you can add the Anubias to a Betta tank without issue. They adapt well to a number of climates and conditions. The only thing you should worry about is planting this large species. It’s preferable to use driftwood or some other object to root your plant.

However, substrates like gravel can be utilized as well. Just don’t suffocate the roots of this plant. They need to be put in delicately, and not covered too much.

7. Dwarf Hairgrass

Best Aquarium plants for betta fish - Dward hairgrass

Dwarf Hairgrass is a carpet type plant that grows luscious grass-like tendrils. If you are looking to create a visually appealing tank, this is a great choice. Dwarf Hairgrass naturally accentuates other plants and tank decorations with ease.

The Dwarf Hairgrass is an easy to grow fauna and won’t require much adjustment to fit in with your colorful pet. In fact, this plant enjoys warmer climates which make it a perfect fit with Betta fish. Really, if you want to give this plant optimal conditions, just give it fertilizer to grow in.

A substrate can be used as well, this way your Hairgrass roots in nicely to the bottom of your aquarium. Moderate amounts of light will further the growth of this greenery too. Unfortunately, your Betta won’t be able to hide well in this grass, but your pet will breathe better and have cleaner water if this is planted in your tank!

8. Water Wisteria

Water Wisteria are tropical plants that do best in warmer water similar to Betta’s natural habitat. This species thrives in low levels of light and can be rooted in gravel and other substrates. Wisteria can also be potted in your tank as well. In truth, there are many ways to set up a Wisteria in your tank. For the best outcomes though, fertilizer should be put in your tank.

Water Wisteria are popular for their unique looks. They are delicate looking plants that fill out Betta aquariums in a pleasing way. And they get quite large too. They can reach measurements of up to two feet so get a tank that is at least ten gallons!

While these plants do well in lower light, you can give them higher volumes of illumination for a bigger centerpiece. A small specimen can be maintained with less light and regular trimming. On the whole, though, Betta fish will love exploring their tank with the lovely leaves of the Wisteria.

9. Marimo Moss Ball

Best Aquarium plants for betta fish - moss balls

If you have a smaller Betta tank Marimo Moss Balls are the perfect product, especially as a foreground plant. Betta will benefit greatly from this plant accessory, and you won’t have to stress out over plant care. Moss balls aren’t technically moss or aquarium plants. These are actually live balls of good algae.

They like the same climate as Betta and last in tanks for years. Even though they aren’t really plants, you get many of the same filtering and oxygenation benefits that are found with full-grown greenery. In addition, Betta fish like napping on the surface of these soft objects.

Really though, the biggest benefit of Moss Balls is their convenience. You don’t have to do much with these products. Just pop them into your tank, and rinse them off every now and then. On the whole, these are uniquely useful for Betta tanks! They are also cost-effective and don’t have added expenses like other plants do.

10. Amazon Frogbit

Best Aquarium plants for betta fish

Amazon Frogbit is a well-liked floating plant. It provides the best plant shade for Bettas if grown right. So, if you want a plant specimen with great coverage, try this one out!  Frogbit has long thick roots and creates a jungle-like appearance in Betta tanks. This makes for a fun and unique atmosphere for your fish. Really, you won’t find other plants that look like this one.

In addition to looking great, Frogbit can also help with Betta breeding. If you want to breed more Betta I recommend using this plant. Its roots are the perfect place for fish to hide and keep their eggs safe.

As a floating plant, Frogbit does not require much maintenance. It grows fairly fast with a minimal amount of effort. In fact, you’ll want to trim and prune this plant a lot to keep your tank from becoming infested with the Frogbit.

A substrate is not required if you are floating the plant, but do give the Amazon plenty of fertilizer.  The light level should also be considered. Three hours of high light should be a part of your daily care for the Frogbit. In addition, do not let the leaves of the Frogbit get wet or they will wilt.

Quick Tips on Choosing the Right Aquarium Plants for Betta Fish

When choosing plants for your beta fish aquarium, you need to know what betta fish like. First and foremost, beta fish live in warm and relatively quiet ecosystems with low water flow rates. They like to have plans that provide them with plenty of rest zones and hiding spaces, as well as a shade.

The leaves of the best plants for Betta fish should be smooth and soft so they don’t damage the delicate fins of the beta fish. You should also choose plants that are relatively hardy, as betta fish at times may try to nip on the leaves.

Try to choose aquatic plants that don’t require any additional carbon dioxide or fertilizer supplementation. You’ll also want to go with a live aquarium plant that is able to survive in roughly the same water parameters as a betta fish, mainly in terms of pH and temperature.

A lot of these plants are also on my list of overall great aquarium live plants for beginners. Make sure to check out that article here on my website. Some other honorable mentions include water sprite, cryptocorynes, the banana plant, and the anubias barteri.

Sure, you can always go with fake plants, but they don’t provide your tank with the same benefits as live aqaurium plants, although admittedly, silk plants can look nice, but they won’t filter out any ammonia from your tank!

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