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Best Automatic Feeders for Aquariums: Our Top Picks 2024

If you plan on going on vacation for a few days or even up to a week, then an automatic fish feeder is what you need to keep your fish fed. Right now, we’re going to take a look at the top five best automatic fish feeders for aquariums that your money can buy. 

Best Automatic Fish Feeders for Aquariums

Top 5 Best Automatic Feeders for Aquariums: Reviews

Let’s figure out what the best automatic fish feeders for your aquariums are. 

1. FISHNOSH Automatic Fish Feeder: Our Top Pick

FISHNOSH Automatic Fish Feeder for Aquarium - New Generation 2024, Auto Food...
  • Keep Your Pets Well-Fed: Don't let feeding time distract you from more important tasks! Our fish...
  • Programmable Up to 9 Feedings a Day: Set your pets to a routine with the help of our auto fish...

Here we have an automatic fish feeder that features a 6.8 oz or 200 milliliter capacity. This should be more than enough to keep a small or medium sized fish tank fed for a few days, if not even longer. It is designed to be very easy to refill, and it is designed to easily handle fish pellet food.

It comes with a special adjustment system that allows you to determine exactly how much food is dispensed with each rotation of the drum. It can be set to feed your fish up to three times per day, with up to three rotations of the drum every day. Technically speaking, this means that you can feed your fish up to 9 portions of food each day.

It’s not overly large or heavy, and it features an easy mounting mechanism that allows you to attach it to the side or rim of any aquarium. He should be able to mount it on any fish tank. Just remember that it runs on dual AA batteries, so you’ll want to have plenty of those on hand. Other than that, the simple display makes this particular automatic fish feeder very enjoyable and easy to use.


  • User friendly
  •  Fairly high capacity
  •  Full adjustable
  • Easy to mount
  • Great price


  • Somewhat limited durability

If you’re looking for a simple, affordable, and reliable automatic fish feeder, then this is by far one of the best ones available.

2. Petbank Automatic Fish Feeder

Petbank Automatic Fish Feeder - Rechargeable Timer Fish Feeder with USB Charger...
  • Smart Interval Mode: Easily set the feeding intervals by pressing the "▲" or "▼" button. Choose...
  • Customized Feeding Schedule: Program up to 4 feeding times per day and adjust the number of spins...

Here we have another automatic fish feeder that is designed for fish tanks of all sizes. One of the big benefits here is that it is fully adjustable. You can easily adjust how many times per day food is released, up to four times per day, you can also adjust the number of barrel spins with each feeding, so you can accurately decide exactly how much food your fish get on a daily basis.

You can also set the feeding schedule here to various intervals, including 8, 12, 24, and 48 hour intervals. This type of adjustability helps to ensure that your fish always get the proper amount of food when they need it. Adjusting the unit is very easily done thanks to the clear display along with simple controls. Keep in mind that this unit has a 200 milliliter capacity.

It features a simple mounting mechanism that allows you to securely attach it to the rim of any aquarium. What is convenient is that this unit does not require any batteries whatsoever, but instead functions using a simple USB cable. All you have to do is charge it up, and it should be able to last for up to six months of continuous use.


  • Reliable
  • Good capacity
  • Simple mounting
  • Highly adjustable
  • Affordable


  • Charge starts to dissipate faster over time

If you’re looking for a fish feeder that can keep the whole tank fed for days on end, and this is a fantastic one to consider.

3. AquaMiracle Automatic Fish Feeder

AquaMiracle Automatic Fish Feeder for Aquarium, Fish Feeder Automatic Dispenser...
  • EASY FEED TIMING SETTING – Setting timing is easy! This automatic fish feeder provides 3 options...
  • 2 WAYS OF FIXATION FOR ANY AQUARIUM, 360 ROTATABLE – This automatic fish food dispenser fits any...

Here we have what is effectively the most affordable automatic fish feeder on the list today. It features a 200 milliliter capacity, which should be more than enough to last for several days on end, even for relatively large fish tanks.

It also comes with a simple food volume adjustment mechanism, so you can determine exactly how much food is released with every roll of the barrel. Furthermore, you can also adjust how many times per day the food is released, including an 8 hour, 12 hour, and 24 hour schedule. There is also a manual feeding option so you can release food whenever you see fit.

What you might appreciate is that it comes with dual mounting mechanisms, one that allows you to clip it onto the rim of the aquarium, and the second which allows you to stick it onto the wall of the aquarium. What is relatively surprising is that this unit is as durable as it is, as it features an impact resistant and moisture proof design that should last for many years to come.


  • Dual mounting options
  • Very good price
  • Easy to use
  • Good capacity
  • Easy to adjust
  • Durable


  • Poor battery life

If you’re looking for an automatic fish feeder that won’t break your bank, then this is of course a fantastic option to keep in mind.

4. FREESEA Aquarium Automatic Fish Feeder                     

FREESEA Aquarium Automatic Fish Feeder: Vacation Timer Feeder for Fish Tank...
  • 【Manual and Automatic Mode】: FREESEA Automatic Fish Feeder allows you to feed at any time....
  • 【Adjustable Feeding Amount】: The Automatic Fish Feeder uses an open design. You can add fish...

This is yet another very affordable automatic fish feeder that works well with many different types of food, including pellets, flakes, and more. The 200 milliliter capacity should be more than enough to keep a fixed tank fed for several days, if not weeks on end.

Using the included slider, you can easily determine exactly how much food is released with each rotation, and you can set a feeding schedule as well. You can set this automatic fish feeder to dispense food every 8 hours, 12 hours, or 24 hours.

In terms of mounting, it comes with a simple screw-on clip that allows you to attach it to the side of any aquarium. 

It’s also designed to sit on the hood of an aquarium, if you happen to have one. The unit itself comes in at a relatively small size, which means that it doesn’t take up too much space. Something that we personally like about it is that this is an electric unit that does not need any batteries.


  • Fantastic price
  • Ideal for tanks of all sizes
  • Compact
  • Easy mounting
  • Reliable design


  • Can be noisy

If you just need something simple that will keep your fish fed indefinitely, then this is a great automatic fish feeder to purchase.

5. hygger Automatic Fish Feeder for Aquarium

hygger Automatic Fish Feeder for Aquarium, WiFi Intelligent Fish Food Dispenser...
  • 👉Intelligent APP Fish Feeder: This automatic fish feeder's easy-to-use app allows you to feed...
  • 👉Customized Feeding Time/Amount: This auto fish feeder offers multiple timer and quantity...

Switching gears a bit, here we have a super high end and expensive automatic fish feeder that comes complete with a variety of amazing features. First and foremost, it comes with Wi-Fi capabilities, so you can easily hook it up to your smartphone.

Using the integrated app on your phone, you can then control the unit from afar. You can control exactly how much food is released and how many times per day, all from anywhere in the world with nothing more than your third phone.

However, it doesn’t end there, because this fish feeder also comes complete with a 2K HD camera, so you can actually view your fish as they eat, or just keep an eye on your fish at any time. It’s a really cool feature that more automatic fish feeders should come with. The camera even has a night vision mode.

What also stands out is that this unit features a 230 milliliter capacity, which is more than any of the others on the list so far. This means that you should be able to keep your fish fed for a week at the very least.

In terms of mounting, it comes with a sticker that allows you to attach to the hood of the aquarium, or a simple mounting bracket that allows you to securely mount it on the rim of your aquarium. As for the power source, you just have to plug it in, so you never have to worry about batteries. It even features food shortage alerts.


  • WIFI capable
  • Food shortage alerts
  • Super high capacity
  • Comprehensive adjustment system
  • Superior durability
  • Very user friendly


  • Pricey

If you don’t mind paying a premium price for a premium automatic fish feeder, then this is by far the best one to go with.

Automatic Fish Feeders for Aquariums Buyers Guide: What to Look Out For

There are a few important factors that you need to keep in mind when choosing an automatic fish feeder.


Always pay attention to the capacity of your automatic fish feeder, as this will determine how big of a fish tank it is ideal for it. As you can tell, most regular units feature about 200 milliliters of capacity.


Any automatic fish feeder worth its money absolutely needs to be fully adjustable. You should be able to adjust how many times the drum rolls per feeding, the interval of the feedings or how many feedings per day there will be, and how much food is released with each feeding. There should be a precise adjustment mechanism for all of these vectors.

Automatic fish feeder standing on the aquarium cover


These automatic fish feeders sit right on top of aquariums, so they need to have a moisture proof design. Being impact resistant is helpful as well.

Power Source

Of course, it’s always nice when a unit can function using batteries, but having a dedicated power source has its advantages as well, so consider this carefully.