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Recommended Aquarium Heaters

Hi there, I see you are looking for a heater? I have been looking for good heaters for a long time and my top recommendation is the Eheim Jager Thermostat heater series (click here to see it on Amazon). I will explain why.

Quality and Reliability

The reason that I recommend the Eheim Jager series as an aquarium heater is because Eheim is a reputable brand from Germany that have been making good products for a long time.

You want your heater to be reliable and trustworthy, as there are too many stories out there where the heater malfunctioned and overheated the aquarium. Therefore I always would steer away from cheap off-brand heaters, even when they might look like a super deal.

What Size Heater For Your Aquarium

Choosing the right size of heater is important, because you want your heater to be able to warm up your aquarium to the desired temperature. For an average temperature (nothing too warm or too cold) the following table I made show the right wattage for the right size of tank.

Fish Tank Size in GallonFish Tank Size in LiterWattage of Heater
< 5 Gallon20 – 25 Liter25 Watts
5 – 15 Gallon25 – 60 Liter50 Watts
15 – 40 Gallon60 – 150 Liter75 Watts
40 – 50 Gallon150 – 200 Liter125 Watts
50 – 80 Gallon200 – 300 Liter150 Watts
80 – 100 Gallon300 – 400 Liter200 Watts
100 – 150 Gallon400 – 600 Liter250 Watts
150 – 250 Gallon600 – 1000 Liter300 Watts

Setting Up Your Heater

To set up the heater, I followed a video guide made by the YouTube channel called “Big Al’s” that makes a lot of videos on the Aquarium Hobby. I will advice you to go and watch that video to learn to set up and calibrate your heater.