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Become an Aquarium Genius Today

Come and join our private, growing community of aquarium enthusiasts. Within the Aquarium Genius Community, hobbyists like you can come together to meet and support one another.

Connect With Like-Minded People

If you’re like me, you will understand that our beautiful hobby is much more fun if you get to share it with other people. That’s what this community is all about. Learning from other people’s experiences, sharing your successes and inspiring each other to build better tanks. Together we can take our aquariums to the next level and get the most enjoyment out of our hobby.

As Long as We Live We Learn

This community requires a certain mindset: you must be willing to learn. It’s critical to understand there’s always more to learn. It does not matter if you purchased your first tank yesterday or have kept fish for over a decade. Within the community there are a lot of members with various years of experience, but willingness to learn is something they all have in common.

Join in Events, Workshops and Competitions

Before the rise of the internet, aquarium clubs thrived. Every city would have at least one aquarium club with regular get-togethers, workshops and competitions. If you’re interested in joining online events like this, than the Aquarium Genius Community is for you.